When looking to buy a scooter most people search for the top scooters to buy. Here is a list of the top five scooters in the marketplace and reasons why they are top scooter brands.

Honda Scooters
Honda has been producing both scooters and motorcycles longer than most of the competition. One of the most popular choices among scooters today is the Honda scooter since Honda is synonymous with high quality and durability. Honda produces numerous scooters with quite a variety of designs and options that you can choose from, which allows you to build a scooter that is perfect for you!

Yamaha Scooters
Another Japanese scooter manufacturer, Yamaha, creates a high quality scooter. Yamaha scooters are a great choice if you’re looking for a powerful scooter that’s fun to ride. Yamaha has been manufacturing scooters for some time so they know how to build a high quality scooter. Yamaha scooters come with a surprisingly price tag; the prices are surprisingly competitive.

Vespa Scooters
When looking at Vespa Scooters you need to ask yourself two questions: Does style matter? Is the Vespa name worth the money? You should also know that Vespa scooters give you more than just style and a name you also get a compact yet powerful engine and a sturdy steel frame. If price, style, power and durability is really what you’re looking for in a scooter, Vespa is your choice.

Aprilia Scooters
Aprilia Scooters, another Piaggio owned brand, is manufactured in Italy and falls in line with most Italian scooters. You can expect a high detailed, full powered, two seater scooter that handles exceptionally. The acceleration is smooth yet extremely powerful. If you’re willing to accept a price tag and looks similar to the Vespa, Aprilia Scooters may be the scooter you should buy.

Kymco Scooters
Looking for a low cost scooter, enter Kymco, a Taiwanese manufactured scooter. Kymco scooters have risen in popularity with the young crowd partially due to the curvy retro design and low cost. While Kymco scooters are affordable, what you gain in reduced price you lose in speed and power. However, the speed power does not seem to stop people from buying Kymco scooters.

Scooters have become increasingly popular due to the rise in gas prices.

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